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If you’re on an Viasat Business plan, you'll go here instead to manage your account billing and usage.


If you’re approaching your data cap or you’ve already passed it and your service has been restricted, it might be time to take advantage of our Buy More feature. If you already have an account, follow this link to MyViasat and log in with your username and password. 

If you haven't signed up yet for an account, registration is very easy - just click the new user link under the login field at

The Overview screen, which you see when you first log in, gives you the opportunity to first view your usage, which will help determine if you’ll need more data.

1. If you decide you'd like to buy additional data, click the Buy More Data button located at the top under the plan tab of your MyViasat page.


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2. The Buy More options will display to the right of the screen. Select whichever option best suits your needs by clicking the "Buy - GB of Data". Keep in mind that once your bill cycle resets, that any additional data bought will NOT carry over.

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3.Once you select the option that best suits your needs review and confirm your purchase. NOTE: You must have a payment method on file to buy more data. 

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4.  A confirmation that you have purchased data will appear on screen. Your Usage Meter should reload automatically.
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Things to know when buying more data:

  • If you’ve already exceeded your data usage limit and your service has been restricted, don’t worry. It’ll resume normal speed soon after you make your data purchase.
  • This non-refundable purchase will appear on your next bill only. Keep in mind any unused additional data will expire and won’t carry over to the following month.
  • If you’ve run into data shortages more than once, it might be time to consider upgrading your plan. Contact Customer Care to discuss the options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Buy More," and why would I need It?

Buy More gives you the flexibility to purchase more data in 1 GB increments without having to upgrade to a higher data plan. If you're getting close to your monthly data usage allowance and don't want your service to be slowed and/or restricted, Buy More will give you the data you need to stay at regular speeds.

How much does Buy More cost?

Buy More is $10.00/GB. 

Can I buy data in advance of when I need It?

Yes, but you should only do so when you're certain you'll need more data than is provided by your monthly plan. The additional data purchased through Buy More expires when your data measurement cycle resets to zero every month.

When is my monthly measurement reset date?

Your monthly measurement reset date is the same as your monthly billing date. On that day, your data usage is reset to zero and a new measurement period begins. You can find your monthly billing date on your MyViasat page.

What's the difference between using Buy More and upgrading to a higher data plan?

Buy More lets you add data when you occasionally need it. If you're using all the data provided by your monthly plan on a frequent basis, we encourage you to upgrade to a higher data plan. It's a better value in the long run.

If I use up all the data in my monthly plan and don't use Buy More, what happens?

Depending on which plan you're on, using all the data included in your plan before the beginning of your next monthly measurement cycle may result in your service being slowed and/or restricted as specified in the Data Allowance Policy. (Note: If you are on a Freedom Plan, your subject to the terms of the Bandwidth Usage Policy.) Your service will be fully restored when your monthly measurement period starts again.

Is Buy More automatic?

No. It's a tool you can choose to use when you need it. You will not receive any additional charges on your regular monthly bill unless you choose to purchase additional GBs of data.

Do I need this on the Liberty plan?

It depends. If you’re satisfied with the speeds you’re getting with the Liberty Pass, you may not need it. If you do wish to purchase more Priority Data, you can do so via Buy More. Any data you buy here will be Priority Data on a Liberty Plan.


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